Why Should You Choose a Skirted Bathtub for Your Bathroom?

A bathtub will transform your bathroom into a heavenly place to clean your body and to relax. When you lie down in your bathtub, you are not only cleaning your body, but also washing your stresses away and getting completely relaxed and rested from your busy life. With a bathtub in your bathroom, you can make sure that you will be physically and psychologically refreshed when you leave the bathroom.

There are various types of bathtub that you can install at home. The primary difference between those bathtubs lies in their design and how they are installed. A freestanding bathtub can be installed anywhere in the bathroom; however, because it is not attached to any wall, it might require more space to install. If you want to install the bathtub at the corner of your bathroom, the triangle-shaped corner tub can be the best choice. If you want to install the tub right against the wall, two types of bathtub are available: drop-in bathtub and skirted bathtub. Drop-in bathtub has to be installed in a frame or platform that has been constructed beforehand. There is thus additional construction cost involved if you want to install a drop-in bathtub. Skirted bathtub, on the other hand, is easier and cheaper to buy and to install as it doesn’t require such frame or platform. All skirted bathtubs have one finished side and three unfinished sides. The unfinished sides are meant to be fixed to the wall, thereby concealing them, and the finished or skirted side is the one to be exposed.

Due to its affordable purchasing and installation cost, skirted bathtub often becomes favorite choice for people who want to have a nice-looking and ergonomic bathtub but don’t want to waste too much money to buy it. If you have the same idea about the best bathtub for your bathroom, you definitely should choose this bathtub.