What Exactly Crown Molding?

By definition, the impression is of decorative wood, metal, plaster or used to decorate or illustrate something. It can be used inside or outside. The openings in the walls of the mold structure, ceilings, doors and windows. Examples of the mold used to decorate with are baseboards, moldings and chair rails. Today I want to talk about decorative moldings and architectural options.
Frame, also known as the crown molding, or cornice, perhaps most important architectural accents are used for every detail of the interior space. Most interior designers now agree that each part can be improved with the use of frames. Supervise a smooth transition between the ceiling and the walls do a good job of defining the architectural style of a room. Size and cornice style used can range from a simple cove in a kitchen of the house for a large integrated framework in a large room.
The first image used in the building design is an enigma. At the time of ancient Greece took over, they make the rules for determining the use of the design and molding of the crown. Originally it was used as a structural element to help support the weight of the roof. It also serves to keep water out of the building, protecting walls and base. However, using the picture as a decorative element that is not considered to be less important than the more utility function. Most ornamental design you see today on the edge comes from ancient Greece. Leaves egg and dart, dentil and acanthus leaves is the most obvious examples and are widely used in ancient times by the Greeks and Romans.
With the rebirth of the Renaissance came a renewed interest in classical architecture. The rules of classical orders were applied at room decoration. This rule of “3”. Column A, the basic classical architecture is divided into three parts: the base, shaft and capital. The capital base and is divided into three parts and the rules applicable to the relationship in September and the percentage of this division as well. This is the same section of this column are also applicable to the wall. The walls are divided into baseboards, walls and moldings. Muretti can be divided into basic, nuts and the chair rail. Finally, the top wall is divided into the printed image, and the decorative frame.
When you start a decorating project to include different types of mold, you can choose the style and size of the border before, because it is the most famous. Then select the rest of the cast to match. For the exact size of the cornice, suggestions abound and many are written guidelines. The most common suggestion asking you to choose the size of the cornice on the ceiling. This can be a common approach to this aspect of the design process, however, the large crown molding is often used to decorate the rooms seem more modest proportions. What is important is to properly size the frame and another print format you want to use. When choosing pictures for your home, please choose the size and style you like. Historically, a large crown molding is used more frequently than recommended by many interior designers nowadays. The expected changes, such as the architectural aspect remains designers and the current owners and others seek to add warmth to their homes and to customize the interior. So go out there and not be intimidated. They are limited only by your imagination.