Tale Of Two Estates – Bellfields Barn & Garden

downloadThese are two examples of the important developments of the last built to provide housing for people in need of housing, as part of the war strategy of the position housing to provide rental housing affordable for those who can not afford their homes because they They work in low-income or unemployed.

Now the condition of the house has changed. First, Margaret Thatcher began a policy in 1980 to allow people to buy their homes at a price if they live there and pay rent for more than five years. He is the winner with a loud voice to him because he is creating more housing, allowing people with aspirations to follow in front of the property ladder, even with low incomes. Its popularity is leaving home and especially to those who remained on the waiting list for social housing.

This problem is compounded by investors to buy social housing because of the competitive price and reasonable size room to add extensions to additional rooms for rent. Therefore, reducing the stock of fewer properties available to accommodate those who need accommodation.

But investors tend to offer your accommodation to participate because to meet the need for affordable housing for young people and singles. In addition, some owners are happy to rent the local council for the role of the worker’s family between parents, unable to find employment can be placed.

So while the rare residential site in the old houses still serve as a final advice, keep the housing market, but perhaps not as much as before.

But back to the comparison between planting and Grange Park Bellfields what happens to prices or private property and rents in these locations?

Bellfields is a northern suburb of Guildford lie adjacent Slyfield Industrial Estate and Stoughton. This area is home to the school of Christ and of the dish special school pool needs. Streets with names of trees like cedar Way, Fir Road, Juniper Close, Laburnum Close, Larch Avenue, Lime Grove and Willow Way, for example.

Garden shed next to Surrey County Hospital and both Surrey Research Park and not far from the University of Surrey to provide housing for employees and civil servants and local college students.

Journal Surrey Advertiser Parks once described the magazine as “one of the most disadvantaged of the Surrey” September 11, 1998 and reported in October that 28 Grange Garden came in disadvantaged areas of the classified region as 30, but the area is improved and offers a home a large number of residents,

Grange Park Estate is home to Kings College, a school for 11-18 years, test scores improved dramatically. There are several primary schools in the garden shed, between Guildford Grove School, which specializes in basic subscription rescue is supported to help students with profound deafness.

Capture2The average price of a three bedroom detached house in a development that is Bellfields £ 375.950 and the rental market for this type of property is £ 1,495 per month.

Sized three bedroom house in Barn Park has an average price of that just under £ 335.150 and the average income obtained for the market is also £ 1,495 per month.

The gross income of a property in Grange Park is about 5.3% per year, while crude potential is 4.8%, so in Grange Park typically 10% higher than Bellfields because prices homes They are slightly below Grange Park.

However, we must remember that our goal is to see the performance and growth of capital by investing in a buy to let property.

Three-quarters average Barn Park home in 2000 was £ 125,995. A rose by 266% over the last 15 years. A three bedroom detached Bellfields in 2000 is greater than £ 170,150, but capital growth is basically 221%. Grange Park, as capital growth of over 20% over the last 15 years Bellfields for the price difference decreased significantly between the two regions.

In recent years, the total amount of storage area of ​​sales over the past year was 21% last year and 30% in 2007. The level of £ 224.602 for the Bellfields selling price last year of 3% compared the previous year and 13% in 2012, the rate of £ 329.960 so that people can see the difference is even smaller.

It therefore seems Grange Park will be asked about the state of the economy, according to the Surrey Advertiser, can be an ideal place to invest, if you are looking for a profit, while prices continued to rise at a faster pace a garden in Bellfields.