Real Estate Scenario In India In 2015

The real estate industry is the backbone of Indian economy and is a key factor for economic growth. According to the data, the real estate sector accounted for 8.53% of total GDP and also had a growth rate of 30%. It is also important to note that the sector has emerged as the fifth largest foreign investment destination. According to a study by ICRA (Indian rating agency), the real estate industry is now third among the 14 main sectors of the economy.

Today, the Indian economy is growing, causing the migration of rural population to the cities. The transition from rural to urban areas has resulted in higher costs for the house. To meet the needs of property buyers, all types of structures available in India from the costly nature of the budget nature. Infrastructure, construction and real estate sector is considered as India has experienced phenomenal growth. Famous cities such as Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Delhi, NCR and the cities of Ahmedabad offers luxurious and well-developed commercial area for property buyers. Prestige Group, Group Manti, Lodha Group, Gaursons, Supertech, DLF, Godrej, Unnati Fortune Group, Sikka Group, stars and infrastructure Ace are some prime real estate that offers players all kinds of goods, including private homes, houses city ​​and commercial properties in India.

Progress in infrastructure and industrial development, with some changes in economic policy have increased the economic growth of India, in turn, affects the real estate industry.

According to recent reports, the real estate industry in India showed the movement of capital or rental housing project award in the main metropolitans- Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune and Chennai. Metro gave new hope for the real estate industry.

As the real estate market is growing, ever-changing real estate trends and innovative methods to follow the new trend. In India, you will find a wide variety of property types, including residential, commercial real estate and luxury of the city.

To meet customer needs, leading many developers have created “is the design theme” ranging cultural issues, such as Greece, Spain and the Mediterranean, with the interests of related topics such as sports, Hollywood and more abundant. Some of the best examples of projects on the subject is Roman Supertech, Montana Tata Housing and Habitat Group Prestige Lakeside. So not only end users, but also a low ticket investors can reap the benefits of investing in India.