Most Americans Vintage Haunted House

images (4)According to the “Haunted House Report,” 35 percent of owners say they have had paranormal experiences in his former home, or their previous homes. While individual perception of what is “haunted” is a subjective, this percentage may not be high enough to make you think twice about the noise you hear in the basement yesterday.

Some factors increase the likelihood that homeowners who live paranormal activity in their new home. This could include whether a house owned by the local cemetery; if the property has more than 100 years; If there are many transition between owners; and if the house is built near the combat zone or when several deaths, creates negative energy.

Joshua Ward House, Salem, Massachusetts.

Crucible name “Salem” create shadows and taxes. What happens in that old house. Brick house built for Joshua Ward in 1780; However, the former owner of the house, Sheriff George Corwin, also known as “choke”, killing many women were accused of witchcraft. Their souls should sulk to the hall.

Farnsworth House, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

Famous Civil War battles at Gettysburg is one of the bloodiest battles in history. Farnsworth House is dedicated to the Confederate snipers and receive at least 100 bullet holes during the war. The house is considered the home of the souls of them that were installed Confederation.

The house is still used as a bed and breakfast. The visitors said that there is a spiritual presence in the house was not quite worrying, but still visible.

download (1)LaLaurie Mansion, New Orleans

If you look at American Horror Story recognizes LaLaurie Mansion New Orleans the house is represented in the show. Located in the French Quarter, the house where the family of Dr. Luigi Delphine LaLaurie stay in 1832. It was a wealthy family with a dark secret Delphine tortured slaves in the attic. Presumably souls of the dead still haunt the house slaves.

Visitors still come home and frightening Madame reputation LaLaurie.

Villisca Ax Murder House

The house contains a final similar to the tragic story of torture, which took place in LaLaurie Mansion. In 1912, six children and two adults were killed with an ax wound in the skull. The death of the Moore family was never completed, and little evidence was found to determine who killed them. Reports of people who have spent time in the house claims without children crying sound, stairs, furniture and doors open and close by themselves.

Of course, the house is filled with a rich history. Those who have an interest in the arts or ghost dark housing can find a lot of fun for the old house and a dark history. Others may need more convincing.