I Have Been Staying at My Aunt’s Place

It has not been so bad really. She is really excited to have company and every night she has been cooking me a big home cooked meal. Of course I am going to be here for a couple of weeks at a training seminar for my job and this is sort of a scam to be honest. I set her up as a bed and breakfast and she is charging my boss a bit less than what a hotel would charge them. In fact she has one of those adjustable beds in the room that I am sleeping in. My uncle used it for a few months while he was in and out of the hospital. It is not really a hospital bed, but it is really pretty sweet. I would love to have it when the allergy season comes back for me.

I have really terrible allergies for a couple of months each year. I have to make a big wedge out of four pillows so that I can sleep with my head elevated at a good angle. If I do not think the sinus drainage will really collect in my throat. At some point you wake up with the sensation that you are about to drown. That is really something that can disturb you. I suppose that is not much different from the torture that they call waterboarding, in fact the mechanics are quite similar when you think about it. Of course a bed like this would make it really simple to raise your head or your feet. That probably would not be a good idea since that is not going to let the blood circulate properly while you are sleeping. Of course it is great if you want to read a book or if you want to watch some TV.