How To Dehumidify Your Home With An Annual Check

Excessive levels of humidity in your home can damage your home, your property and your health. How? One word: Mold. The health risks of mold, special attention for families with family members who are elderly, children with allergies, asthma or chemical sensitivity. To fight against moisture, it is important to take care of water leaks and water sources in your house. The content of between 30% and 50% humidity is what you want to bet.
Regular inspection of your home is one way to maintain a healthy level of humidity. Here is a short list of things to watch on the agenda. Most are easy to do yourself, but you can also have a company contractor or home maintenance to do it for you.
1. Wastewater AC – can be damaged when clogged lines, full of flowing water pot. Regularly check the water droplets. The program includes maintenance checks / year to prevent accumulation of algae and fungi in the drain.
2. The wastewater system – periodically check for cracks and other causes of loss of the waste disposal. Search wetlands under the table where it can drain.
3. water heater – heating the rust or cracks may be formed over time; resulting loss can be a source of moisture and expensive to repair. Check rust and damage each year. Check the water tank, make sure the tank is not obstructed. The water heater should be emptied and cleaned according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
4. Shower, sink, toilet and sink – water leak tub, toilet, shower and sink in the world can cause serious damage as a result of a leak is often hidden from view. You can avoid losing ensure continuous seal around all edges of the sink, toilet, shower and bathtub. Suspension or cracks in the tile grout in the living room wall or the floor may indicate a lack of a water seal. This could be a problem if you live in a multi-family housing, such as apartments or condominiums buildings, can cause a leak in the bathroom near his knowledge.
5. The irrigation / irrigation systems – must keep enough distance from the house so it does not allow sprinklers or sprinkler head to muffle exterior walls.
6. Grenier – Seasonal verification isolation or wet spots to reveal a small roof leak or later.