We Will Never Go Back to a Flat Bed at Our House


I don’t sleep a lot of hours, but I do want sleep well. The better quality of sleep lets me get by on fewer hours of sleep. I have always been able to burn the midnight oil and get up early and feel just fine. However, I do need to be in my own bed and comfortable to have a good night’s sleep. I have been a fan of adjustable beds since they first were made for regular home use. I’m not talking about the ones with flimsy mattresses or loud and squeaky mechanisms that raise and lower the backs and the leg areas of a bed. I am talking about ones with ultra-plush mattresses that offer full support that makes my back feel great after sleeping.

I used to toss and turn all night. I could only lay on my left side for an hour or so before pain had me waking up and flipping over to my right side. Continue reading