Saying Yes to New Leather Furniture

I never thought I could afford leather furniture before, even though I really loved the look of it. I had seen it in a few different houses I had been in, and i knew those homeowners made a lot more money than my husband and myself, so I didn’t even look into it for us. When it was time to buy a new couch, we went to a furniture store that was about an hour away because they had more of a variety. We were also hoping that the prices would be more competitive since there were several other furniture stores in the area.

A salesperson asked us right away what we were looking for, and we explained a couch. When he asked us what kind of material, I said leather, then I laughed. I told him that I was joking, as leather was a bit out of my price range. I am so glad I made that joke though, because he told me that I might be surprised at just how affordable a leather couch is. Continue reading